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A wine-grower, a word ...

A word from the Wine-grower ...

Above all, we are a family of wine-growers, fundamentally attached to our land and our vines…
This love for our profession has been passed down to us by our elders.
In order to create great wines, you first have to take care of your vine. The many different manual tasks involved in this require a commitment from the entire family.
As believers in traditional wine-growing techniques, we plough and cover-plant. With the passing of the seasons, our physical proximity to the vines helps us to see how better to adapt our working techniques to the vagaries of the climate. As independent-wine growers, we cellar only what is produced on our own property. The harvest is the end of a long year of much effort and work. Vinification, in other words, the transformation of grape juice to wine, keeps us busy during the long months of Winter. In this process too, a day-to-day presence to keep a watch over the fermentation process is recommended.
In this way, with their mastery of all aspects of their profession, from the vine to the cellar, the wine-grower is an integral part of the ‘appellation’* in just the same way as the terroir** and the grape variety.
Why wait any longer? We look forward to seeing you in our cellars, where you can taste one of our top white wines in an atmosphere of tranquility!
I hope to see you soon, best regards,
A real Alsatian Wine-grower


*Appellation – Term identifying where grapes for a certain wine are grown.
**Terroir – The physical and geographical qualities of a given vineyard.
Paul Spannagel